Zed has released three “first-of-their-kind” collections as part of his World of Hex NFT series. Zed’s NFTs are not only minted to the Ethereum blockchain (the traditional type of NFTs) but also inscribed to the bitcoin blockchain using a bleeding-edge technological development referred to as the Ordinal Protocol.

Champions of Hex | Block 1088 Satoshi Vaults | ZedTech Studio

Seven ERC-1155 vaults containing a unique fantasy portrait inscribed to a satoshi that was minted in Bitcoin Block 1088, 20th January 2009, just seventeen days after Satoshi Nakamoto historically mined the Genesis Block. Each vaulted wallet also contains tens of thousands of uninscribed Block 1088 satoshis.

“Centuries after Hex’s divine library was first plundered, the child prodigy Null discovered a means by which Hex’s inscriptions could be deciphered…”

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Library of Hex | Dual Bitcoin-Ethereum NFTs | ZedTech Studio

64 unique pairs of collectible spellbooks minted to both the bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. One for each permutation of Hex’s elemental dimensions (🌀 Flow 💥 Turmoil 💎 Zuànshí) and worldcrafting tools (🔮 Aethereal 🦠 Biocypher 🔱 Nextech).

“When Hex, Mother of Worlds, transcended to the beyond, wars raged over the knowledge hidden within her divine library. The spellbooks passed from sorcerer to apprentice, monarch to heir, defeated to victor. Those who mastered Hex’s inscriptions gained god-like powers, using them for miraculous good, devastating evil, and all that lies between.”

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Machinations of Hex | Dynamic Inscriptions | ZedTech Studio

Six interactive, dynamic, and non-deterministic JavaScript mini-apps inscribed to the bitcoin blockchain: 🪱 Evolving Worm Simulation, 🪐 Orbital Ordinals, ◉ Bouncing Ordinal, 🕋 Cube Morpher, 😶 Ordinal Creatures & 🫧 Ordinal Swarm.

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World of Hex: Origins

“Before time began, Hex, Mother of Worlds, crafted the cosmos in the form of her endless imaginings. Weaving together the three elemental dimensions …

🌀 Flow: The essence of harmony and change.
💥 Turmoil: The essence of freedom and chaos.
💎 Zuànshí: The essence of order and control.

… she developed three toolkits with which her creations began to re-engineer themselves …

🔮 Aethereal: Capable of reshaping the dimensions.
🦠 Biocypher: The replicating codex of life.
🔱 Nextech: A self-aware machine network.”

Zed Zeroth, an established British-licensed cryptoasset vendor, brings this groundbreaking collection to life with traditional pen-and-paper worldbuilding, digital graphic design, cutting-edge AI enhancement, and Bitcoin inscription technology.