What are Ordinals?

Bitcoin’s Ordinal Protocol is a bleeding-edge technological development that adds two novel functions to the bitcoin blockchain:

  • It indexes the movement of every satoshi (the base unit of bitcoin) since the Genesis Block was mined in January 2009. Some satoshis are worth more than others, such as:
    • Very early satoshis
    • Satoshis sent in a famous bitcoin transaction
    • Satoshis with unique properties
  • It allows files (such as images and games) to be permanently “inscribed” to the bitcoin blockchain. These inscriptions can never be altered or removed and will be online for as long as bitcoin exists.

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Zed’s “Sat Hunter” Service

Would you like to own satoshis minted at a specific time, such as the moment you or a family member was born? Contact me and I can add your desired satoshis to my sat-hunting list. I can’t guarantee that I’ll find one, but if I do I am currently selling desirable sats for 0.01 BTC. Please note that if you’re looking for a satoshi that may be desirable to other people, such as early sats, or those linked to famous bitcoin transactions, then the price may be higher!

Zed’s Inscription Service

I can inscribe your desired text or images to the bitcoin blockchain. This are permanently stored in the blockchain on thousands of nodes across the world and will exist for as long as bitcoin itself. A library of all inscriptions so far can be found here. I usually charge 0.01 BTC to inscribe but please note that large file sizes may cost more. Please contact me for more details.