Zed’s Bitcoin Collectibles

Bitcoin’s Ordinal Protocol is a technological innovation that allows the immutable inscription of artwork to the bitcoin blockchain, and the curation of rare satoshis (the base units of bitcoin).

🦋 Palindromes.io

🦋 Palindromes.io is the first-ever ordinal collection built exclusively on palindromic satoshis. They can be purchased via 🛍️ Magic Eden, or you can reserve your own bespoke ordinal via our Discord.

📚 Library of Hex

Sixty-four one-of-a-kind spellbooks immutably inscribed onto the bitcoin blockchain. Each book represents a unique permutation of the Hex elements – 🌀 Flow 💥 Turmoil 💎 Zuànshí – and worldforges – 🔮 Aethereal 🦠 Biocypher 🔱 Nextech. This pioneering collection includes sub10K and sub20K inscriptions. Spellbooks can be purchased via 🛍️ Magic Eden.

Rare Satoshis & Inscription Services

Zed is a satologist who specialises in researching rare sats, along with hunting, curating, and inscribing them. My services include:

  • Selling rare satoshis such as 💎 Uncommons, 🦋 Palindromes, ⏳ Vintage sats, and 🍕 Pizza sats.
  • Performing commissioned inscriptions of images/files onto the bitcoin blockchain. They will exist on the bitcoin network for as long as bitcoin exists.
  • Hunting specific rare sats, such as sats minted on your birthday.

Please contact me if you are interested.