Is this a trusted service?
Are my documents secure?
  • I am a registered data controller with the Isle of Man Information Commissioner (Registration Number R003578).
  • Customer records are stored on a LUKS-encrypted air-gapped device at a secure location.
  • Further information can be found in my Data Protection, Privacy, and Transparency Policy.
Which cryptoassets can I buy and sell?
  • You can buy bitcoin using the rapid automated submission form here.
  • You can sell bitcoin to me OTC. Please send me a message on WhatsApp.
  • You can also buy or sell USDT, ETH, BNB, and other altcoins. Please send me a message on WhatsApp.
  • You can buy Bitcoin Ordinal Inscriptions and Ethereum ERC-720 NFTs here.
  • You can even win free crypto by solving my puzzles here!
Where should I store my crypto?

Your decision as to how to store your cryptoassets must be based on your own research and should not be shared with anyone. All forms of crypto storage come with their own advantages and disadvantages. The below information is intended as a starting place for my customers who are new to self-custody, I take no responsibility for loss of your own funds from your own device.

Experts in the industry advise that your wallet is:

  • Open-source (the source code is public and verifiable by anyone)
  • Non-custodial (you and only you hold the keys to your funds)
  • Cross-compatible (your funds can be recovered via other wallets if required)

Useful resources for choosing a wallet include:

Android wallets both recommended by the above guides and with high PlayStore ratings include:

iOS software has transparency issues (unverifiable as open-source) but the most recomended wallet is:

The most recommended desktop wallets include:

While I cannot guarantee their reliability, I regularly use all of the wallets listed above and have not faced any problems.

Hardware wallets that fulfill industry recommendations include: